Meet Rolljam, The $30 Device That Can Steal Your Car

Recently, though, it's been shown that cars in particular are less than secure. And nothing illustrates how far the auto industry has to go in order to protect your car better than Rolljam. Beep Beep Rolljam works using the classic "man [ ] The post Meet Rolljam, The $30 Device That Can Steal Your Car appeared first on Gadget Review.

4 New Apps You Should Use, From Shower Texts to Bar Roulette

Reddit’s r/showerthoughts is one of the Web’s best places for all of life’s most random ideas. If you want some of this content on demand, a new app called Shower Texts will send you one a day. It’s sort of like the occasional late-night messages you get from your stoner friend, but without typos or any obligation to reply.

Life-Saved Sunblock Umbrella offers layers of safety

The Life-Saved Sunblock Umbrella could save your life. The Life-Saved Sunblock Umbrella features a new coating technology and a sunblock surface to shield you from rain and sun. In an emergency, though, you can use the umbrella handle as a hammer to break a car window and as a seat-belt cutter to help you get out of the car in a hurry.

Liveblog: Intel’s Developer Forum keynote kicks off Tuesday at 9am PDT

New processors don't really generate the excitement they once did, but processors based on Intel's new Skylake architecture are still going to ship in tens of millions of computers before the end of the year. They'll continue to subtly improve battery life and performance, and they'll come with a handful of interesting new features that may or may not convince you that it's time to upgrade.